project: CAK_SUSTAINABLE study

client: Government + Private

type: urban planning

location: Croatia

surface: 200000 m2

date: 15.02.2008

status: design stage

project team: AVP_arhitekti, MEDIA Verba, CM-Expert

There has been a worldwide response over the last years on the matter of sustainable design along with urban planning. The government together with other organizations (private investors, urban planners, architects, economists, environment engineers, etc) have taken the initiative to develop new projects which are committed to a betterment of not just the quality of live and services but to address a complete understanding of a sustainable design which benefits the entire community and its relation to its environment.

 The main goal of AVP is to approach different authorities (government either local or federal, private investors, etc.) in order to present our INTEGRAL ANALYSIS, a complete study that concerns all aspects of urban planning, that will foster the development of well-organized and eco-sensitive projects. In other words, to present the rainbow of possibilities in order to achieving the projects main goals such as: healthy urban environment, short and long-term city planning, sound financial strategy, green energy usage, etc.

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